About Us

A Little Bit About How It All Started

Big Shanty Antiques was started long ago in Kennesaw, GA. A quality local antique mall that changed ownership a few times until Dwayne Bramlett purchased the company due to his love of antiques and the game of buying and selling. Revitalizing the local antique mall was no easy task, but with hard work and dedication we were able to raise the credibility and respect of the company to heights unseen before. Big Shanty Antiques has now become a known name in the Southeast antique market circuit and has continued to grow since.

As the success has continued, Big Shanty Antiques became too large for the previous location and moved down the road to a new location with a fresh and updated look, as well as a massive warehouse to store some of the most valuable antiques in Georgia from some of the nice parts of town around. Now, Big Shanty Antiques is just not an antique mall. It has become an antique dealer, auction house, and estate sale liquidator.

Our Branches

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Big Shanty Antiques

The company that started it all. We run the antique mall as well as the buying and selling for our customers when they need to get rid of items.

Big Shanty Auction

The #1 auction house in Georgia and soon to expand throughout the Southeast. We provide in-house and estate auctions and liquidations.

Big Shanty Estate Sales

The best estate liquidators ran by some of the smartest and most knowledgeable ladies in the business. No one can compete with the quality service.